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Marsha Silvia, Managing Director Claims Recovery Group

Marsha has more than twenty years’ experience in healthcare claims administration and a specialization in reinsurance recovery.As Claims Recovery Manager, Marsha leads the company’s efforts to recover excess reinsurance claims, other party liability claims such as Medicare, auto, or workers’ compensation, and other improperly paid claims. Marsha and her team have recovered in excess of twenty million dollars in incorrectly paid medical claims and several million dollars in stop-loss recoveries.

Prior to her appointment as Claims Recovery Manager in 1995, Marsha served as a Coordinator of Benefits Administrator and Stop Loss Recovery Specialist for the company. She also coordinates Cook & Company’s fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society, increasing donations every year.

Prior to joining Cook & Company, she was a teacher in the public schools.  Marsha received her degree from Bridgewater State University..  In her spare time, Marsha enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren, as well as reading, painting, and crafting.

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