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Ever since Cook & Company opened for business in 1981, we have been guided by one overriding principle: helping our clients control the cost of insurance. Since the early days when we specialized exclusively in medical claims monitoring, Cook & Company has expanded its products and services, evolving into a highly-respected professional services firm offering risk management and insurance consulting services to employers throughout New England.

Our company’s services include administration, consulting, and insurance products all geared toward controlling the cost of insurance. Cook & Company’s diverse client base includes strong municipal affiliations, private sector companies, health care organizations, hospitals, banks, financial institutions, and more.

We particularly value the strong, enduring relationships we have built with clients. These relationships are the direct result of our efforts to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that have saved Cook & Company clients millions of dollars. As an example, we have developed our own advanced computer software permitting electronic monitoring, electronic medical claims auditing and processing for workers' compensation and injured-on-duty claims.

While we are justifiably proud of the service advances we have brought to clients and the industry, we're prouder still of the people who work in this employee-owned organization. They are talented, practical professionals serving hundreds of employers and thousands of employees.

Every client benefits from our staff's dedication, responsiveness, technical skills, and knowledge of the New England marketplace.

Undoubtedly, the future will bring dramatic changes in how employers view insurance services. By focusing on our strengths in health plan management, workers' compensation, injured-on-duty administration and claims recovery services, Cook & Company will continue to fulfill our commitment to controlling the cost of insurance. We invite you to find out how we can put our knowledge, years of experience, and services to work meeting your needs. 

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